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Leaders struggle to clearly articulate the vision and the value of their organization.

Marketing is left to pick up from there and try to piece together a message that resonates and connects both internally and externally.

Creative ideas are sometimes trashed when budget and schedules weigh more heavily. Oftentimes getting a message out is simply the goal – whether it speaks to your brand or not.



We gather valuable information and get a high-level view of your organization so that its strengths, purpose, and areas of opportunity can inform and clarify the message your brand must communicate.


With insightful research and game-changing tools we analyze the critical components of your organization so that you can tailor your leadership approach, form a creative strategy, and clarify communications. Leaders will find that they have new insights that enable them to make positive impacts in culture and message.


With the right knowledge, message, and strategy, leaders can intelligently evaluate their organizations performance, allowing them to fit all the right pieces together, ensuring message clarity, positive brand perception, and increased organizational performance.
ODB delivers more than just award-winning corporate communications, it delivers thought leadership and strategic direction to grow your organization intelligently and profitably.

How We Solve Your Problem

Many business leaders lack clarity and confidence in their message and in their leading. Is it compelling or connecting to their audience? Our process tells you precisely what is needed.

Have the clear, unvarnished conversation and evaluation puts everything into context.

The clearer the vision you and your team has, the better it can communicate its purpose, handle tough issues and move forward.

What we do

Brand & Cultural Audit
Message Audit
Executive Services & Coaching
Thought Leadership
Team Building & Offsite Services
Change Management
Board Assessments
Employee Engagement
Strategic Insights
Consumer Research
Message Development
Message Management
Onboarding Process
Graphic Design
Board Coaching
Brand Management
Corporate Identity
Logo Identity
Environmental Design/Branding
Web / IT
Board Development

What does the data tell you?

Message Clarity
Positive Leadership
Effective Communications
The real conversation you’ve been wanting to have about you, your company, and your vision for the future.

Leadership Portfolio


When it comes to casting vision, thought leadership, identifying, articulating and communicating the very essence of a brand, and engineering brand strategies and implementing them culturally,
ODB has no peer.
– Founder, Guts Branding, Kansas City, MO

Creative Portfolio

The most effective communication is that which flows from confidence in leadership, authentic vision and shared purpose.


Founder & Principal

Owen D Baker founded Burg Communications in 1990 as a strategic communications and marketing consultancy, targeting the financial, healthcare, retail, and tourism industries. He is an accomplished consultant with over 25 years of experience consulting clients in corporate branding, strategic planning, communications, organizational initiatives, and thought leadership. Owen utilizes his team’s expertise and process to deliver vision and brand identity to make a lasting connection between the organization and the end user. He has demonstrated his ability to partner with organizations during development and implementation of the change process by establishing a clear vision of change and developing direction for the corporate mission. Owen is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, where he earned a degree in Journalism with a minor in Sociology and Art.

Brittany Brauer
Communications Officer

Brittany began working with ODB in 2006. She is a highly motivated, creative professional with nearly a decade of experience in both publishing and marketing. As communications officer, Brittany is involved in growth development for clients with experience in messaging, strategy, and technology implementation. Brittany is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a double major in Communications Studies and Anthropology.

Kurt Bartolich
Research Strategist

Prior to partnering with ODB, Kurt spent six years as a senior brand consultant with Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc., the global leader in media research and strategy. Throughout Kurt’s 25-year career, which includes experiences at advertising agencies and in broadcast media marketing, he has helped companies in a myriad of industries — retail, healthcare, technology, non-profit, media, and more — transform their brands through sustainable, creative, and pragmatic strategies.

Ciara Brewer
Ethnographic Consultant

Ciara Brewer joined the team at Burg Communications in 2014 as an Ethnographic Consultant. As a formally trained Anthropologist, she propels the cultural research and analysis at Burg Communications. Throughout her career, Brewer has conducted research and led brand initiatives in a variety of fields on both local and national scales. Using a variety of qualitative research practices, she helps to inform the branding and marketing communications strategy decisions that contribute the holistic vision of Burg Communications.  Brewer is a graduate of DePaul University with bachelor degrees in Anthropology and Creative Writing.

Dave Christiansen
Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Dave brings over 25 years of creative design experience, setting the creative approach, design direction, and marketing application for projects. His award-winning expertise is known for creating sharp, professional design messages with a cost-effective approach. Dave’s resume includes over two decades of creative direction for clients in the healthcare, lawn and turf, and outdoor recreation/hunting industries. Dave received his degree in Graphic Design from Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska

April Martin
Project Manager

April started working with Burg Communications in 2014 as a graphic designer. She is an open-minded innovative professional who has over fifteen years of customer service. As project manager, April assumes the responsibility of recognizing and understanding goals, planning and execution of a project. April is a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Web Design & Interactive Media as well as an Associates in History from Rose State College, Oklahoma.


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